What are the Steps to Activate MCafee Antivirus with Product Key ?

McAfee is an antivirus software that is very useful for security from spam and viruses. It is the security software that is created to protect the information from your computer. McAfee is the world’s biggest security organization. This is an antivirus that protects your data when you install its software in your computer. It includes various new features every time it’s is updated. It has a facility to get routinely updated.

In case you are new to use this security application and do not know how to use this application then you can contact McAfee Antivirus Phone Number for information. However, this blog content will provide an explanation for you the steps related to the installation and activation of this product. You can follow the below steps to proceed.

In starting we would like to tell you that www.mcafee.com/activate account will help in activation, safety, installations, setup, billing and so forth. The first task related to  McAfee antivirus is its account activation. So we will start by creating the account.

First Creating A McAfee antivirus account.
  1. First type McAfee website URL on address bar of your web browser.
  2. When you get homepage open then click on Register now and enters your details like your name, email address and other requirements. Now you can able to enter your password as well.
  3. As you end up with account creation. If you have the 25 digit activation code then you can simply click on My account and then click on “Redeem your Retail card”.
Steps to www.mcafee.com/activate product key
  1. After all the above steps, then a window will appear asking for your 25 digit product key or activation code.
  2. Now Enter your product key and click on submit.
  3. Product is activated now, you may need to download the application.
  4. Go to again to My account and then click on subscription option.
  5. From there download your version of choice of antivirus that you just activated.
  6. As the download is completed you can just follow the all instruction that appears on the screen and finishes the setup of McAfee antivirus.

If you find any technical problems during installation of antivirus then you can contact McAfee Antivirus Customer Service for help and assistance.











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