USING THE WEB BOOST allows you to increase your web browsing speed by using the Web Boost feature. It is an extension that you can add to your Google Chrome browser if you want to preserve battery life, save up on data, and experience a speedy and efficient web browsing session. Web Boost pauses videos that automatically play when you open a new web page and significantly improve your surfing experience.

To enable Web Boost on your computer, launch your software and go to the PC Performance tab. Click on Set Up under Speed up Browsing and follow the on screen commands. If you want some websites to autoplay videos when you open them, you can always add them to the exception list or the whitelist by clicking on the Web Boost icon on the top right corner.


Another one of the features that offers that can help to boost the performance of your computer system is the App Boost feature. What App Boost essentially does is that it improves the performance of your computer applications by increasing the priority of their hard drive Input/Output as well as assigning a greater amount of CPU power to your apps as opposed to other computer operations.

As a result of you enabling App Boost on your antivirus program, you will experience a noticeable positive change in the speed of your computer applications. You can activate App Boost by launching on your computer, going under the PC Performance tab, clicking on the Speed up Apps option, and enabling App Boost using the toggle.

App Boost improves app speed and performance through two mechanisms: firstly, it monitors your most commonly used computer apps and allocates more processing resources to it when you use them. On the other hand, it also keeps check of your currently active apps and allocates resources to the window you are currently using to improve its performance.


If you use your computer system for gaming purposes, you can enable Auto Game Boost to optimize the system resources and allocate them as such to allow increased speed and performance for your game. The Auto Game Boost prioritizes resources to your game, pauses any other apps that may be running in the background, and blocks any pop ups that may interrupt your gaming experience.

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