How to Activate McAfee product on PC

Activate Mcafee product

When you purchase McAfee product, you get a subscription that lets you install, activate and use the software on a certain number of computer/PCs/laptop for a certain period of time. The time of your subscription depends on your purchase, but usually begins when you activate your McAfee product.

You can activate McAfee at any time, if you’ve already install it on your PC.

Before you begin installing or activating your McAfee software, review the features and navigation tools you will use to protect your PC.


  1. Right-click the McAfee icon in your taskbar.
  2. From the menu, select Activate product.


  1. If you purchase your product from the McAfee officially website, you don’t have to activate your software.
  2. If you purchase your product from a retail store, you must activate after installing your product.
  3. However, if you purchase your product through McAfee partner (like Dell or Acer), you must activate after installing your product.

McAfee Activation is quick and simple

  • All you need is an Internet connection but it’s very important because it entitles you to receive regular, automatic updates that keep your PC protected against the latest threats.
  • If you purchase your software from a retail store or through a McAfee partner, you are prompted to activate your product during the installation process.

Note: If you decide to wait (for example, if you don’t have an Internet connection), you have 15 days to activate. If you don’t activate within 15 days, your software no longer receives critical updates or performs scans. Before your subscription expires, McAfee reminds you with onscreen messages about renewing your subscription. You can make sure your PC is never without protection by renewing early or setting up auto-renewal on the McAfee website.

Step by step guide:

  • Step 1. Open your web browser and navigate to the McAfee officially website.
  • Step 2. Choose “My Account” and enter the email address and password that you used to purchase your McAfee product. If you have not yet purchased McAfee, create a new account and log in to make your purchase.
  • Step 3. Select the McAfee product on your list of authorized purchased to download to your computer.
  • Step 4. Run the McAfee installation program after completing download from the McAfee homepage. or see Task
  • Step 5. Enter the activation code provided to you when purchasing your McAfee product when prompted by the McAfee installer followed by the “Activate” menu button. McAfee will now be activated on your computer.

You can also monitor your subscription by reviewing your McAfee account to verify that your subscription is up-to-date. If your subscription expires, you can renew it at any time.

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