3 Easy Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) Cyber-security Mistakes

MSPs are experiencing quite some challenges due to increased cyber-security risks that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are facing. An occurrence of a cyberattack can lead to shutting down of an entire system resulting in losses. MSPs are not only responsible for providing exceptional IT services, but also providing excellent cyber-security offering to their customers.

In an attempt to implement the best cyber-security offering to their customers, MSP makes some cyber security mistakes. Below are three of the most common and easy ones.

Ignoring the importance of cyber-security

Statistics show that SMB’s are increasingly becoming affected by cyber-security. As a result, MSPs are needed to implement a strong cyber-security plan to curb cyber attacks. However, most of the MSPs are making a mistake of not considering cybersecurity as a key competency. They, for instance, fail to train their sellers on how to deal with a client’s security concerns.

Relying wholly on endpoint security

Most MSPs also make the mistake of assuming that antiviruses/endpoint security is enough to protect critical and sensitive data or information. Such an antivirus as the MacAfee (see mcfee.com/activate) have been a successful antivirus that has been useful in protecting client’s sensitive data. However, with the advancement in technology, hackers have become more sophisticated in their attack methods. This demands for stronger ways of protecting sensitive client’s data to be used along the endpoint security.

Assuming you’re not the target

Many SMPs fail to consider themselves as a potential target for hackers even though they preach cyber-security readiness to their customers. As a result, most of the SMPs do not follow the right steps to secure their client’s networks which exposes them to cyber-security threats.

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